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Drought in East Africa

child affected by drought


More than 10 million people are desperately in need of food assistance in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya as the worst drought in 60 years continues to ravage eastern Africa. The situation in Somalia in particular is the "worst humanitarian disaster in the world," the U.N. refugee agency said recently, and child deaths at refugee camps are spiking to three times average emergency levels. Please click the green "donate now" button above or below to make a credit or debit (visa/mc) card donation to the Help A Child drought relief effort. Or click here to donate by check or money order. Designate your gift to "African drought". Your donation will help us in this emergency effort to provide food, water and medical assistance. Thank you!

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The combination of extreme drought and war has created an enormous stream of refugees. More than 110,000 Somali refugees have fled to the Dolo Ado transit camp in the south of Ethiopia. In the over-crowded refugee camps surrounding Dolo Ado between 1,600-2000 refugees arrive each day. Many have had to walk days or even weeks to reach their destination. They make this desperate journey trying to escape the ravages of drought and civil war. mother & children affected by droughtThey arrive at the camps malnourished, dehydrated and exhausted. These camps are in urgent need of humanitarian aid such as food, water, shelter and medicine. Help A Child works with partners in this area who are supplying aid to those in need. We also have partners in Kenya and Ethiopia who are giving desperately needed assistance to the drought victims.

Help a Child is a non-profit Christian development organization active in Asia and Africa. We provide aid to disadvantaged children, families and villages in 14 different countries. We are a sister organization of the Dutch charity Stichting Red een Kind, which supplied aid to 190,000 children in 2009. The aid comes in the form of 5 basic programs: child & family sponsorship, education, career training, HIV/AIDS prevention & patient care and emergency & disaster relief. We hope you will consider sponsoring a child or supporting one of many other Help A Child projects you can read about in these pages. Please contact us using the information below if you have any questions.