Clementine from Burundi is 17 years old. Both her parents are dead. She takes care of her two younger brothers on her own.

In the heart of Africa ongoing conflicts have left much destruction in their wake. Families have been torn apart. Thousands of children have lost their parents. Each of these boys and girls are in need of care and guidance. In Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda Help A Child is supporting initiatives to help put these children on solid ground. Sometimes that is literally what happens. Children who have no homes are allocated a plot of land and taught how to raise crops. Clementine has felt the difference. She's growing a crop of bananas and is earning money as a result.


projects that need your support

Sudan: Going to School in Darfur

refugee camp DarfurHundreds of thousands of children live in the refugee camps in Darfur (Sudan). Their families are on the run from violence and war. Many of these children haven't been to school in years. Help A Child, in cooperation with another Dutch relief organization, is coming to the aid of these children. Schools are being opened in the camps. Some of the parents are being trained as teachers. Books and writing materials are being provided. Along with an education, the schools provide activities and a needed respite from the burden of living in a refugee camp. Thousands of children are attending school for the first time. They  enjoy  it and it's of  vital map Sudanimportance to them. Help A Child is motivating parents to become more involved with these schools; through the formation of parental boards for example. This enables parents to communicate with each other as they work together to facilitate the schooling of their children. Please join with us to build a better future for the children of Darfur.

Furnish a kindergarten class: $1700

Help train teachers: $300

To learn more click on the photo or map above to view the Help A Child education film (on youtube). To donate to this project please use our feedback form and designate your gift for the "Going to school in Darfur" project. Or you can contact us by phone, mail or email - Thank you.

Congo: Stop the Silent Killer

Congolese womenIn Africa HIV/AIDS is decimating tens of thousands of families. Congo has also been seriously affected by this silent killer. Many in this far-flung nation remain totally uninformed as to how they can protect themselves form this disease. Our local partner organization CECA has started a major educational campaign to provide information and increase awareness. It is of essential importance that people are willing and able to discuss this topic openly in order to effectively engage in the fight against it. CECA is facilitating this discussion by means of personal presentations and radio transmissions. Volunteer groups in area Congo mapchurches are being formed to help in this information campaign. Help A Child heartily supports this program. Click either of the photos above to view the Help A Child HIV/AIDS film.

Funds are needed to pay for the radio ads and for books, folders and other informational materials.

Provide 10 hours of radio ads: $1400

Help pay for development of informational materials: $1000

Help to defray printing costs: $500

To donate to this project please use our feedback form and designate you gift for the "Congo HIV/AIDS project. Or you can contact us by phone, mail or email - Thank you.

Sudan: Return of the Refugees

Sudaneses girls at schoolIn Boma, in the south of Sudan, many refugee families are returning to their native homes. They must start form the beginning and rebuild their lives. Basic amenities of life such as education are few and far between. The few schools that exist in Boma are unable to handle the influx of new students. These children hoping to make a new start in their native land are in desperate need of new schools. Across, our partner organization in Sudan, wants to make a lasting impression on the educational infrastructure of Boma. Across concentrates especially on providing educational opportunities for Sudan mapminority groups. Girls and women are given special attention. The goal is to lower the threshold for females within the educational system of Sudan. This includes advocating for girls as students as well as for women as teachers. This program lends a helping hand to families trying to make a new start in their own country.

Will you help provide funds for this effort?

To provide a chalkboard and 10 textbooks: $70

To provide school desks and chairs for a classroom: $700

To build a new school: $7000

To donate to this project please use our feedback form and designate your gift for the "Return of the Refugees" program. Or you can contact us by phone, mail or email - Thank you.


Jumpstart the Youth of Kenya

young man in auto mechanic course in KenyaMany young men and women in Kenya have had little or no elementary education. Without help they will never find a good job. Their hopes for the future are at stake. Our partner organization in Kenya, the Africa Inland Church (AIC) provides job training for these young adults. They receive relatively short, practical career training courses which enable them to find jobs in their own communities. Hairdressing, auto mechanics and food preparation are examples of some of the courses being offered. At the completion of the training Kenya mapcourse, professionals help the young men and women find jobs or start their own businesses. The project is very successful. Hundreds of young adults have been able to find good employment as a result of this effort. They are now able to fend for themselves. Last year 1500 young women and men enrolled in one of the five AIC training centers in Kenya. Some parents are also receiving training through this program. They are taught ways to increase their daily income. This also reduces the risk of the youth having to quit their training course in order to help their parents make ends meet. This helps to improve both the short and long term economic outlook for many families. Will you help us give a jumpstart to the youth of Kenya?

Supply tools of the trade to a young entrepreneur: $100

Provide training & job counseling for one young adult: $375

Provide training & job counseling for five young adults: $1875

Furnish a training center: $12,000

To learn more click on the photo or map above to view the Help A Child job training video (on youtube). To donate to this project please fill out our feedback form and designate your gift for the "Jumpstart the youth of Kenya" project. Or you can contact us by phone, mail or email - Thank you.