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Please click here to read about how you can help refugees in Northern Iraq. To make a donation click the "Donate Now" button above or visit our sponsorship page.

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Help A Child - Clemintine from Burundi

Clementine from Burundi is 17 years old. Both her parents are dead. She's taking care of her two younger brothers on her own. She needs your help to get back on solid ground.

In the heart of Africa ongoing conflicts have left much destruction in their wake. Families have been torn apart. Thousands of children have lost their parents. Each of these boys and girls are in need of care and guidance. In Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda Help A Child is supporting initiatives to help put these children on solid ground. Sometimes that is literally what happens. Children who have no homes are allocated a plot of land and taught how to raise crops. Clementine has felt the difference. She's growing a crop of bananas and is earning money as a result. We're asking for your support. Your donation will enable children like Clementine to stand on their own two feet.

To donate to this project please click on Clementine's picture above and designate your gift to the "Solid Ground Project". - Thank you





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These children from the slums of Kolkata India and Gwassi Kenya are in need of your help. For about $1 a day you can sponsor a child in Africa or India. Please click here to choose one of these children for sponsorship now. Learn more about our child sponsorship program in Kolkata India. Learn more about how you can sponsor a child in Africa.


Help a Child is a non-profit Christian development organization active in Asia and Africa. We provide aid to disadvantaged children, families and villages in 14 different countries. We are a sister organization of Stichting Red een Kind (Help A Child in the Netherlands). Over 40 years ago Help A Child was begun in the Netherlands by Anky Rookmaaker, who along with her husband Prof. Hans Rookmaaker, founded the Dutch branch of L'Abri Fellowship (a Christian community and study-center). Since that time, thanks to the support of many faithful sponsors throughout the years, Help A Child has grown into an organization which supplied aid to 190,000 children in 2009. The aid comes in the form of 5 basic programs which Help A Child administers: child & family sponsorship, education, career training, HIV/AIDS prevention & patient care and emergency & disaster relief. We invite you to browse our website. We hope you will consider sponsoring a child or supporting one of many other Help A Child projects you can read about in these pages. Please contact us if you would like more information.

The $5 Club

Would you be willing to give up a cup of coffee (or some other favorite treat) every once in a while in order to provide school books and other basic necessities for children like these? If so, click on the photo below. sponsor a child in Africa or IndiaHave you ever noticed how easily you can spend $5 here or there without giving it much thought? Most of us have a few times per week or per month when we treat ourselves to something special which somehow helps us make it through the day. Would you be willing to sacrifice one of these treats per week or per month in order to help provide food, clothing and education to a child in need? In recent years Help A Child has been relying more and more on larger gifts from a smaller number of sponsors. Although we greatly value these generous gifts, we find we are becoming increasingly vulnerable if such a sponsor suddenly stops giving. With the $5 club we hope to expand our donor base by increasing the number of sponsors giving smaller donations. If you feel this is a worthy cause and you can afford $5 per month ($60 per year), or $5 per week ($260 per year) please let us know. Rather than sponsoring a specific child, these gifts would be used where most needed. Of course any other amount is also welcome. Checks or automatic bank payments can be sent in any desired frequency (e.g. per week, month or year).

To donate to this project please click on the photo above and designate your gift to the "$5 Club" or contact us by email, phone or regular mail.


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